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Fix your posture

Fix your Posture Book an Appointment   Why does posture matter? Your spine has natural curves built into it. A slight backwards curve in the neck and low back and a slight forward curve in your midback. These curves are the way that your bones are shaped and help to balance the stresses on your… Continue reading »Fix your posture

How to put on your Custom Knee Brace

Putting on Your Donjoy Knee Brace Meniscal Injuries Your knee meniscus helps to guide your knee movement. Injuries to this structure can happen with sports or day to day activities. Read more ACL Tears ACL tears can happen during sports with either contact or non contact plays. Immediate knee swelling and pain are common with… Continue reading »How to put on your Custom Knee Brace

Did I tear my ACL

ACL injury Book an Appointment   Anatomy of your ACL Your anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is inside your knee joint. It attaches from the inside back of your thigh bone (femur) to your shin bone (tibia) closer to the front. Your ACL is one of the main restraints against your tibia being pulled forward and… Continue reading »Did I tear my ACL

Braces for Knee Pain

Choosing the Right Knee Brace Book an Appointment       If your knee has been feeling weak or painful exercises can definitely help to reduce your pain and improve your function. But you may feel that you need additional support. There are many types of braces that can be used at different price points.… Continue reading »Braces for Knee Pain

Hidden cause of knee and back pain

A Hidden Cause of Knee and Back Pain Book an Appointment By: Darryl Viegas, PT   Could the warmer weather finally be here? Post-winter hibernation you may be noticing a few aches and pains centred around your low back, knees, and feet. The winter of 2020/21 obviously presented some unique challenges to most of our… Continue reading »Hidden cause of knee and back pain

Common Neck Injuries

Common Neck Injuries Book an Appointment By Tanya Kestenberg, PT Neck pain is a typical source of discomfort. If you have neck pain, your one of at least 70% of people that have to deal with some type of neck pain in their lives. Neck pain and injury can be very scary, as there a… Continue reading »Common Neck Injuries

How Dry Needling Can Help Your Chronic Pain

How Dry Needling Can Help Your Chronic Pain Book an Appointment   By: Hamed Pardehshenas, PT Dry needling is a technique that I often use in clinical practice to help patients to move and feel better. I’m often asked what is dry needling and how it works? Is it the same as acupuncture and if… Continue reading »How Dry Needling Can Help Your Chronic Pain

Reduce the Risk of Running Injuries

Reduce the Risk of Running Injuries   Book an Appointment   Returning to running after a layoff     The shift to working from home and the closure of gyms has likely changed your activity level over the winter. With spring around the corner a lot of us are hoping to exercise more outdoors, including… Continue reading »Reduce the Risk of Running Injuries

Pelvic Pain with Pregnancy and after Delivery

Pelvic Pain with Pregnancy and after Delivery Book an Appointment   Pelvic floor dysfunction with pregnancy and after childbirth   During pregnancy the hormone relaxin helps to relax stabilizing ligaments around your pelvis.  This helps to ease the passing of your baby through the birth canal. In some cases, these relaxed ligaments don’t return to… Continue reading »Pelvic Pain with Pregnancy and after Delivery

How to Self Assess and Manage your Knee Pain

How to Self Assess and Manage your Knee Pain Book an Appointment   What can I do for my knee pain   Summer outdoor fun can often lead to the occasional aches and pains. Not every pain is worrisome and in non pandemic times you probably knew how to change your exercise routine to manage… Continue reading »How to Self Assess and Manage your Knee Pain

Physical Distancing Resources

Physical Distancing Resources Book an Appointment The College of Physiotherapists has now confirmed that physiotherapists can resume non urgent care in clinic effective immediately as long as policies, physical distancing measure and personal protective equipment (PPE) are in place. Video sessions are still encouraged for those that want to reduce their risk of infection. What… Continue reading »Physical Distancing Resources

My Back Hurts

My Back Hurts Book an Appointment Do I have a serious back problem? Fortunately, most low back pain episodes fall under the category of non specific low back pain. As our previously blog post discussed there is a very good chance that you’ll experience back pain at some point in your life. Some conditions can… Continue reading »My Back Hurts


Ergonomics Book an Appointment      Ergonomics Your body wasn’t designed to be sedentary for hours at a time.  But there are more ideal positions for your neck, arms and legs that can reduce the chance of sustaining a repetitive strain injury.  Whether you’re using a sitting desk, standing desk or are getting used to… Continue reading »Ergonomics

Martial Arts

Martial Arts   Our patients know that while we are always available to treat you for injuries that you’ve encountered, we also love seeing people that are trying to achieve a higher level of fitness.  Social distancing has made it difficult for our community that prefers the motivation that one feels from a group setting.… Continue reading »Martial Arts

Remote Rotator Cuff

Remote Rotator Cuff Book an Appointment    Working from Home Are you spending more time on your laptop in the comfort of your home? Many of us now do. With social and physical distancing rules in place, you may be working and studying from home. You probably know that slouching for long periods of time… Continue reading »Remote Rotator Cuff

Neck Pain

Neck Pain What stretches can you do for headache and neck pain? Are you noticing that your neck and shoulder muscles have been sore? Have you noticed if you’ve been spending more time in front of a computer or screen?  Poor posture from shortened muscles can be one of the reasons.  In a previous blog… Continue reading »Neck Pain

ACL Tear Treatment

  I had the opportunity to sit down with staff physiotherapist Marven Bani to talk with him about his recent knee surgery experience and how it’s affected his health and fitness goals for the year.     Q: I understand that you had a physically challenging start to the new year recovering from your ACL… Continue reading »ACL Tear Treatment

Outer Core Strength

Outer Core Strength Book an Appointment   Functional Core There’s more to the core than just the deep muscles of the spine. Our previous blog post discussed the inner unit muscles and the role they play on spinal stability. But is that all that you need? Functionally, there are more muscles involved in controlling our… Continue reading »Outer Core Strength

Inner unit core

Inner unit core Your Inner Core  Deep to our superficial muscles are a group of muscles that are frequently referred to as the deep core or “inner unit”. This unit can be thought of as a can deep within us. It is made of the diaphragm at the top, the pelvic floor at the bottom,… Continue reading »Inner unit core

Core Strength

Core Strength Book an Appointment   Your Core If you’ve ever experienced low back pain and looked up any information on how to improve your situation you’ve likely come across the term core. Core weakness can appear as pain with performing seemingly light tasks, difficulty with repetitive tasks or inability to master the complex patterns… Continue reading »Core Strength

What is Vision Therapy

What is Vision Therapy     I met with Dr. Kelly Lee who is an optometrist with a special interest in the care of pediatric and traumatic brain injury population, as well as patients with binocular vision anomalies. As a health care professional, treating concussion, we know how important vision is in achieving full recovery.… Continue reading »What is Vision Therapy

Weight loss tips for the new year

Weight loss tips for the new year Book an Appointment   With the holiday season upon us and a new year on the horizon, the very common new year resolution of weight loss is being considered.  I had the opportunity to sit down with Dr. Adam Amodeo (ND) for some practical and sustainable weight loss… Continue reading »Weight loss tips for the new year

Low back pain Spondylolysis and Spondylolisthesis

Low back pain Spondylolysis and Spondylolisthesis Book an Appointment     What are Spondylolysis and Spondylolisthesis? Spondylolysis is a primary stress fracture of the pars interarticularis of the vertebral arch.  In the image to the right, this region is seen as the middle arrow of the facet joint region. The fifth and fourth lumbar vertebra… Continue reading »Low back pain Spondylolysis and Spondylolisthesis

Pelvic Therapy

Pelvic Floor Therapy Book an Appointment     How can pelvic floor problems develop? The pelvic floor muscles can be weakened by childbirth, surgery, heavy lifting, being overweight, menopause or constipation. For other patients, the pelvic floor muscles may be overactive.  Over activity in your pelvic floor muscles can cause difficulty with intercourse, emptying your… Continue reading »Pelvic Therapy

Tennis Injuries

Tennis Injuries Book an Appointment   Tennis Injuries When tennis injuries are discussed, the term tennis elbow usually comes up.  However, at higher levels of the sport, elbow injuries aren’t the most common.  A study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine reviewed the incidences of injuries and their locations in professional tennis players. … Continue reading »Tennis Injuries

Choosing the Right Backpack

Choosing the Right Backpack Book an Appointment How to Choose a Backpack Are you wondering how to choose the right backpack? Whether it’s for you or your child, it shouldn’t be based only on what looks good.  An appropriately sized backpack can prevent shoulder, neck and back pain. Click on the video to find out… Continue reading »Choosing the Right Backpack

Frozen Shoulder

Frozen Shoulder Book an Appointment   Anatomy of the Shoulder Your shoulder joint is where the upper arm (humerus) and the shoulder blade (scapula) connect.  It is a mobile joint covered in an loose tissue known as capsule.  Capsule is a common feature in most of our joints.  The capsule of the shoulder is a… Continue reading »Frozen Shoulder

Preventing Injuries When Lifting

Preventing Injuries When Lifting Book an Appointment    Should you bend your knees when you lift to prevent lifting injuries? What are some of the ways that you can reduce the chance of injury when lifting? Is bending your knees always the best strategy? Check out our video post on a few helpful tips to… Continue reading »Preventing Injuries When Lifting

Sacroiliac Joint Pain

Sacroiliac Joint Pain Book an Appointment By: Avie Khalili and Dustin Ng PT Students University of Toronto Overview of the SI joint The point at which the iliac and the sacrum meet is known as the sacroiliac (SI) joint. The SI joint is located in the lower back, just below the level of the hip… Continue reading »Sacroiliac Joint Pain

Healthy Eating

Healthy Eating Book an Appointment   I recently had the opportunity to chat with Dr. Adam Amodeo, ND about the recently released Canada’s Food Guide.  Like many of my patients, Dr. Amodeo has helped me to lose weight and feel healthier by making a few subtle changes to daily routine.  Many have already heard that… Continue reading »Healthy Eating

How to Improve Sleep Quality

How to Improve Sleep Quality Book an Appointment   By: Dr. Adam Amodeo Do you have trouble sleeping? You’re not alone. 1/3 of the population experiences insomnia to some degree. Is Poor Sleep Common? Poor sleep quality is characterized by one or more of the following: difficulty falling asleep, difficulty maintaining sleep, waking too early,… Continue reading »How to Improve Sleep Quality

Basketball Sports Injury Clinic

Basketball Sports Injury Clinic     In a long season, injuries are sure to add up.  Have you ever wondered what the most common basketball injuries are?  We’ve compiled the stats.  If one of these injuries has you off of your game, speak with one of our physiotherapists to get your game back!    … Continue reading »Basketball Sports Injury Clinic

Do I Have a Whiplash?

Do I Have a Whiplash? Book an Appointment What is a whiplash? According to the Quebec task force whiplash injuries are defined as bony or soft tissue injuries resulting from rear-end or side impact, predominantly in motor vehicle accidents, and from other mishaps as a result of an acceleration-deceleration mechanism of energy transfer to the… Continue reading »Do I Have a Whiplash?

Neck Pain and Headaches

Neck Pain and Headaches Book an Appointment   The cervical spine is the region of the spine that we often refer to as the neck.  It spans the area from the head to slightly above the shoulder blades.  Changes in movement due to poor posture, muscle imbalances and past injuries often have a variety of… Continue reading »Neck Pain and Headaches

Did I Tear My Achilles

Did I Tear My Achilles Book an Appointment   Achilles Tendon Tears By Susan Leung, PT First, Kobe Bryant tears his Achilles tendon in 2013. And just a few months ago, it was announced that Marcus Decousins had done the same. What is happening to all these NBA stars? What is the Achilles tendon? Is there… Continue reading »Did I Tear My Achilles

Hip Osteoarthritis

Hip Osteoarthritis Book an Appointment   By: Devin Blizzard LeBlanc & Jonah Blatt   Overview of Hip Osteoarthritis   Osteoarthritis (OA) is a disease that affects the bone and cartilage of a joint and is most commonly found in the hip and knee (Lane et al., 2011). Cartilage is known as the elastic material that… Continue reading »Hip Osteoarthritis

Weight Training and Form

Weight Training and Form Book an Appointment   By Chris Chee, PT There’s more to exercise than repetitions Exercising provides us with numerous benefits; they can make us stronger, make us faster, make us more flexible, give us more energy, and help with pain to name a few. But to get the most out of… Continue reading »Weight Training and Form

Climbing Pain and Your Elbow

Climbing Pain and Your Elbow   Climbing to the top of your health: Elbow Talk By Susan Leung, PT Rock Climbing Injuries Rock climbing has gained immense popularity over the past few decades. Last year, it was announced that rock climbing will be featured as a new Olympic sport in the upcoming Tokyo 2020 Olympic… Continue reading »Climbing Pain and Your Elbow

Shoveling Tips to Protect Your Back

Shoveling Tips to Protect Your Back By Marven Bani, PT With winter upon us, forecasts says there will be a lot of snow on the ground this year. Snow shoveling requires a lot of work and can lead to many low back injuries if not done properly.  At Family Physiotherapy, we want you to protect… Continue reading »Shoveling Tips to Protect Your Back

Sports Injury Series: meniscal tears

Did I Tear my Meniscus?    By: Darryl Viegas, PT Knee pain is a common presentation to physiotherapy clinics.  A common source of knee pathology presenting to physiotherapy clinics is a meniscal injury of the knee.  Injuries can result from sporting events, daily event or can even result from an unknown origin.  While surgery can… Continue reading »Sports Injury Series: meniscal tears

Should I Ice an Injury?

Should I ice my injury? Acute Injury An acute sports injury usually occurs suddenly when exercising.  Acute injuries usually are associated with a mechanism of injury.  There is often a sudden and severe pain that is noticed.  Swelling is also often present.  The extent of swelling and how quickly it is seen depends on what… Continue reading »Should I Ice an Injury?

Foot pain and plantar fasciitis

Foot pain and plantar fasciitis   By: Marven Bani, PT  Have you ever wondered why you were experiencing stabbing pain along your heel when taking the first steps in the morning? One of the most common causes of heel pain is plantar fasciitis. Approximately 10% of people will have this condition at some point in… Continue reading »Foot pain and plantar fasciitis

Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar Fasciitis By: Marven Bani, PT  Have you ever wondered why you were experiencing stabbing pain along your heel when taking the first steps in the morning? One of the most common causes of heel pain is plantar fasciitis. Approximately 10% of people will have this condition at some point in their lifetime. Plantar fasciitis… Continue reading »Plantar Fasciitis

Sports Injury – Shoulder Pain

Sports Injury – Shoulder Impingement Pain   By Peter Poon, PT Have you ever experienced jabbing pain in the front of shoulder when reaching up, out or across your body?  Interestingly, between 7%-34% of adults have shoulder pain at some point in their lives and the level of discomfort can range from annoying to debilitating… Continue reading »Sports Injury – Shoulder Pain

Sports Injuries Hockey Injuries

Sports Injuries Hockey Injuries Hockey Injuries Happen   Small injuries can lead to compensation that affect timing, accuracy and recovery. Manage the injury to prevent recurrence. Related posts: Hamstring Injuries How to self manage your knee pain Meniscal tears Should you ice or heat an injury Concussions If you’re injury is limiting you from being… Continue reading »Sports Injuries Hockey Injuries

Ankle Sprains

Ankle Sprains Book an Appointment   By: Darryl Viegas, PT One of the most common sporting injuries is a sprained ankle. Lateral ankle sprains usually occur with a rolling in (inversion) of the ankle.  Ankle sprains are often sustained during a mis-step, giving out on a pivoting movement or landing on an opponent’s foot during… Continue reading »Ankle Sprains

Weight Loss and your Naturopathic Doctor

Weight Loss and your Naturopathic Doctor   By: Adam Amodeo, ND   Why Optimal Body weight is important Quitting smoking, improving your sleep, and achieving your optimal bodyweight are three of the most important things you can do to reduce your risk of heart disease, cancer, and stroke, which are the top three leading causes… Continue reading »Weight Loss and your Naturopathic Doctor

Low back pain Thornhill and Markham

Low back pain   Incidence of low back pain Low back pain is a common complaint.  A recent study has shown that the incidence of low back pain in the population ranges from 38% to 70% of an adult population. Anatomy of the low back The low back typically refers to the joints and tissues… Continue reading »Low back pain Thornhill and Markham

Fear of Falling

Fear of falling: Understand it. Beat it.   By Sarah Makary, PT New year. New you. Together, we can put an end to your Fear of Falling   Have you recently cancelled plans because you were worried about falling? Maybe you have already experienced a fall or are consumed by anxious thoughts of possibly falling.… Continue reading »Fear of Falling

Everything you wanted to know about massage therapy but were afraid to ask

Everything you wanted to know about massage therapy but were afraid to ask   Alex Matyashin, RMT, R.Ac. Registered Massage Therapist Registered Acupuncturist What happens during a massage therapy session? At your first massage therapy session, your massage therapist will ask you about any symptoms you may have (like lower back pain) and will also… Continue reading »Everything you wanted to know about massage therapy but were afraid to ask

Dance injuries prevention and treatment

Dance injuries prevention and treatment   Dancer’s life It’s hard to be a dancer. Dance takes hours of devoted dedication and focus, working on, sometimes simply grinding through routine exercises in order to achieve automatic and effortless perfection that’s so coveted in professional dancers. Many dancers, whether professional or recreational, are familiar with physiotherapy treatment because of an… Continue reading »Dance injuries prevention and treatment

Sports Injury – Hamstring Strains

Sports Injury – Hamstring Strains   Getting you back into the game after a Hamstring Strain By Sarah Makary, PT The seasons of hockey and football are upon us. But whether your sport is hockey, football, basketball, soccer or rugby, you are more susceptible to getting a hamstring strain from these sports. Hamstring strains are… Continue reading »Sports Injury – Hamstring Strains

Sports Injuries and pitching pain

Sports injuries series: pitching and arm pain   By Darryl Viegas, PT Injury and Sports Physiotherapy Sports injuries vary in severity as well as their underlying causes. One of the most common non traumatic sports injuries that we see in the clinic is shoulder and elbow pain in baseball players, especially pitchers. In major league… Continue reading »Sports Injuries and pitching pain

Office Ergonomics

Office Ergonomics Book an Appointment   Eat, sleep and work.  Unfortunately for most of us that seems to be our daily routine.  While most of us take the time to adjust our car seat or a bicycle to make sure that it fits properly, why do so few people think about properly setting up their… Continue reading »Office Ergonomics

Manual Therapy and your Physiotherapist

Manual Therapy and your Physiotherapist Book an Appointment What is Manual and Manipulative Therapy? Manual therapy is the skilled use of the hands to assist with the treatment of pain and stiffness.  Physiotherapists are licensed to perform manual therapy techniques in patient care.  Manual therapy techniques that may be described by your practitioner include the following… Continue reading »Manual Therapy and your Physiotherapist

Kinesiotape and your Massage Therapist

Kinesiotape and your Massage Therapist Alex Matyashin RMT, R.Ac Registered Massage Therapist Registered Acupuncturist Kinesio Tape is used by massage therapists and physiotherapists The word Kinesio Tape is comprised of two words: “Kinesio” that was derived from Kinesiology which is the scientific study of human movement (also known as human kinetics) and tape (the long,… Continue reading »Kinesiotape and your Massage Therapist

How can Physiotherapy help?

How can Physiotherapy help? Book an Appointment What is Physiotherapy Physiotherapy in Canada is a regulated health profession.  The terms Physical Therapist and Physiotherapist are used interchangeably in Canada and recognizes that the therapist is a registered member of their provincial regulatory body, in Ontario the College of Physiotherapists of Ontario.  You can recognize a… Continue reading »How can Physiotherapy help?

How To Run Injury Free

How To Run Injury Free Book an Appointment   By Peter Poon, PT Running injuries Now that summer is in full swing, many of us will want to enjoy the sunshine by going for a casual jog or more vigorous run around the neighbourhood. Some may think running is not an exact science: just pick… Continue reading »How To Run Injury Free

Safe return to exercise after pregnancy and during lactation

Safe return to exercise after pregnancy and during lactation Book an Appointment   By Tanya Kestenberg, PT   Gentle exercise, such as walking, stretching and pelvic floor exercises can be started as soon as comfortable after uncomplicated delivery If your baby was delivered by C-Section, wait 6-8 weeks to resume exercises, and do so only… Continue reading »Safe return to exercise after pregnancy and during lactation


Shockwave Book an Appointment   What is Shockwave?               Extracorporeal shockwave therapy (ESWT) uses acoustic pulses to help to improve tissue healing and reduce pain. Pressure waves inside the shockwave unit are generated inside the unit balistically.   Compressed air rapidly speeds up a projectile in the transmitter of the… Continue reading »Shockwave

Breaking the Cycle of Injury: Treatment for Tendinopathies

Breaking the Cycle of Injury: Treatment for Tendinopathies Book an Appointment   By Brianne Burton, PT What is a tendon? A tendon is a tissue that connects muscle to bone. Unlike muscle, it does not contract, but it is connected to a muscle   that contracts so it sustains loading forces every time that muscle… Continue reading »Breaking the Cycle of Injury: Treatment for Tendinopathies

Temporomandibular (TMJ) Disorder

Temporomandibular (TMJ) Disorder Book an Appointment   By Jerrick Yao, PT   Temporomandibular Disorder (aka Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction or TMD/TMJD) is not as terrifying, but it can be a real pain. TMD affects about 20-30% of the adult population to some degree1, is more common among younger persons aged 20-40s1, and affects more females than… Continue reading »Temporomandibular (TMJ) Disorder

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