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Runner’s Knee Pain

Runner’s Knee Book an Appointment   By: Avie Khalili, PT resident Runner’s knee Have you noticed pain in the front of your knee? If so, you’re not alone. Kneecap pain is a common complaint and can occur regardless of your age or activity level. When the source of pain is your kneecap it’s referred to… Continue reading »Runner’s Knee Pain

Fix your posture

Fix your Posture Book an Appointment   Why does posture matter? Your spine has natural curves built into it. A slight backwards curve in the neck and low back and a slight forward curve in your midback. These curves are the way that your bones are shaped and help to balance the stresses on your… Continue reading »Fix your posture

How to put on your Custom Knee Brace

Putting on Your Donjoy Knee Brace Meniscal Injuries Your knee meniscus helps to guide your knee movement. Injuries to this structure can happen with sports or day to day activities. Read more ACL Tears ACL tears can happen during sports with either contact or non contact plays. Immediate knee swelling and pain are common with… Continue reading »How to put on your Custom Knee Brace

Did I tear my ACL

ACL injury Book an Appointment   Anatomy of your ACL Your anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is inside your knee joint. It attaches from the inside back of your thigh bone (femur) to your shin bone (tibia) closer to the front. Your ACL is one of the main restraints against your tibia being pulled forward and… Continue reading »Did I tear my ACL

Braces for Knee Pain

Choosing the Right Knee Brace Book an Appointment       If your knee has been feeling weak or painful exercises can definitely help to reduce your pain and improve your function. But you may feel that you need additional support. There are many types of braces that can be used at different price points.… Continue reading »Braces for Knee Pain

Hidden cause of knee and back pain

A Hidden Cause of Knee and Back Pain Book an Appointment By: Darryl Viegas, PT   Could the warmer weather finally be here? Post-winter hibernation you may be noticing a few aches and pains centred around your low back, knees, and feet. The winter of 2020/21 obviously presented some unique challenges to most of our… Continue reading »Hidden cause of knee and back pain

Common Neck Injuries

Common Neck Injuries Book an Appointment By Tanya Kestenberg, PT Neck pain is a typical source of discomfort. If you have neck pain, your one of at least 70% of people that have to deal with some type of neck pain in their lives. Neck pain and injury can be very scary, as there a… Continue reading »Common Neck Injuries

How Dry Needling Can Help Your Chronic Pain

How Dry Needling Can Help Your Chronic Pain Book an Appointment   By: Hamed Pardehshenas, PT Dry needling is a technique that I often use in clinical practice to help patients to move and feel better. I’m often asked what is dry needling and how it works? Is it the same as acupuncture and if… Continue reading »How Dry Needling Can Help Your Chronic Pain

Reduce the Risk of Running Injuries

Reduce the Risk of Running Injuries   Book an Appointment   Returning to running after a layoff     The shift to working from home and the closure of gyms has likely changed your activity level over the winter. With spring around the corner a lot of us are hoping to exercise more outdoors, including… Continue reading »Reduce the Risk of Running Injuries

Pelvic Pain with Pregnancy and after Delivery

Pelvic Pain with Pregnancy and after Delivery Book an Appointment   Pelvic floor dysfunction with pregnancy and after childbirth   During pregnancy the hormone relaxin helps to relax stabilizing ligaments around your pelvis.  This helps to ease the passing of your baby through the birth canal. In some cases, these relaxed ligaments don’t return to… Continue reading »Pelvic Pain with Pregnancy and after Delivery

How to Self Assess and Manage your Knee Pain

How to Self Assess and Manage your Knee Pain Book an Appointment   What can I do for my knee pain   Summer outdoor fun can often lead to the occasional aches and pains. Not every pain is worrisome and in non pandemic times you probably knew how to change your exercise routine to manage… Continue reading »How to Self Assess and Manage your Knee Pain

Physical Distancing Resources

Physical Distancing Resources Book an Appointment The College of Physiotherapists has now confirmed that physiotherapists can resume non urgent care in clinic effective immediately as long as policies, physical distancing measure and personal protective equipment (PPE) are in place. Video sessions are still encouraged for those that want to reduce their risk of infection. What… Continue reading »Physical Distancing Resources