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Physical Distancing Resources

The College of Physiotherapists has now confirmed that physiotherapists can resume non urgent care in clinic effective immediately as long as policies, physical distancing measure and personal protective equipment (PPE) are in place. Video sessions are still encouraged for those that want to reduce their risk of infection. What are the measures that Family Physiotherapy has taken to ensure the health and safety of everyone entering the clinic? To make it easier to find what you're looking ...
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My Back Hurts

Middle arrow of facet joint pointing to fracture of pars interarticularis
Do I have a serious back problem? Fortunately, most low back pain episodes fall under the category of non specific low back pain. As our previously blog post discussed there is a very good chance that you'll experience back pain at some point in your life. Some conditions can produce back pain that are more urgent to medically assess and treat. While statistically they don't occur frequently, they fall into one of these categories:   Spinal Cord compression In most people the spina...
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Martial Arts

Our patients know that while we are always available to treat you for injuries that you've encountered, we also love seeing people that are trying to achieve a higher level of fitness.  Social distancing has made it difficult for our community that prefers the motivation that one feels from a group setting. I had the opportunity to sit down with owner and trainer of Valour Martial Arts, Pete Arcalas . DV: So Pete, how long have you been involved in training Martial Arts? PA: I’ve been co...
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Remote Rotator Cuff

Are you spending more time on your laptop in the comfort of your home? Many of us now do. With social distancing rules in place, you may be working and studying from home. You probably know that slouching for long periods of time can hurt your neck. It can cause shoulders to feel pain too. When you slouch, you curve your midback, placing your shoulder blades further apart and causing your shoulders to rotate in. This can create pain by putting your rotator cuff muscles on stretch. It can al...
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