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Remote Rotator Cuff

Are you spending more time on your laptop in the comfort of your home? Many of us now do. With social distancing rules in place, you may be working and studying from home. You probably know that slouching for long periods of time can hurt your neck. It can cause shoulders to feel pain too. When you slouch, you curve your midback, placing your shoulder blades further apart and causing your shoulders to rotate in. This can create pain by putting your rotator cuff muscles on stretch. It can al...
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Outer Core Strength

Functional Core There's more to the core than just the deep muscles of the spine. Our previous blog post discussed the inner unit muscles and the role they play on spinal stability. But is that all that you need? Functionally, there are more muscles involved in controlling our movements and improving our sports enjoyment and day to day activities. These additional muscles involve local muscles of the trunk and those connecting the trunk to the limbs.   How do the superficial muscles...
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ACL Tear Treatment

I had the opportunity to sit down with staff physiotherapist Marven Bani to talk with him about his recent knee surgery experience and how it's affected his health and fitness goals for the year.     Q: I understand that you had a physically challenging start to the new year recovering from your ACL surgery. How did you first injure your ACL? A: The ACL tear happened on the basketball court going for a lay up about 4 years ago, I landed on my left leg and had a sudden giving out of the...
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Core Strength

Your Core If you've ever experienced low back pain and looked up any information on how to improve your situation you've likely come across the term core. Core weakness can appear as pain with performing seemingly light tasks, difficulty with repetitive tasks or inability to master the complex patterns in sports. Core muscles imbalances can leave you susceptible to injuries to the knees, shoulders, hips and back. But what is the core and how can it be addressed?   The Muscles ...
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