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Injury Prevention

Did I Tear My Achilles?

Achilles Tendon Tears By Susan Leung, PT First, Kobe Bryant tears his Achilles tendon in 2013. And just a few months ago, it was announced that Marcus Decousins had done the same. What is happening to all these NBA stars? What is the Achilles tendon? Is there something that can be done to prevent these terrible injuries if I’m a basketball player? Well, you have just landed yourself on the right blog. Prepare to be enlightened.   The Achilles Tendon We have talked about tendons in the past, ...
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Weight training and Form

Form Is King By Chris Chee, PT There's more to exercise than repetitions Exercising provides us with numerous benefits; they can make us stronger, make us faster, make us more flexible, give us more energy, and help with pain to name a few. But to get the most out of our exercises they need to be performed correctly. An exercise performed improperly will not give us the benefits we are looking for but more importantly can lead to injury. Compensating is a common cause of performing an exer...
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Shoveling Tips

Protect your back! Snow Shoveling Tips By Marven Bani, PT With winter upon us, forecasts says there will be a lot of snow on the ground this year. Snow shoveling requires a lot of work and can lead to many low back injuries if not done properly.  At Family Physiotherapy, we want you to protect your back, we have developed a list of tips on using the proper mechanics on safe shoveling. Some helpful shoveling tips can be summed up by PROTECT: Pace yourself. Ensure you take breaks for ever...
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