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Injury Prevention


Book an Appointment      Ergonomics Your body wasn’t designed to be sedentary for hours at a time.  But there are more ideal positions for your neck, arms and legs that can reduce the chance of sustaining a repetitive strain injury.  Whether you’re using a sitting desk, standing desk or are getting used to working… Read More »Ergonomics

Remote Rotator Cuff

Book an Appointment    Working from Home Are you spending more time on your laptop in the comfort of your home? Many of us now do. With social and physical distancing rules in place, you may be working and studying from home. You probably know that slouching for long periods of time can hurt your… Read More »Remote Rotator Cuff

Neck Pain

What stretches can you do for headache and neck pain? Are you noticing that your neck and shoulder muscles have been sore? Have you noticed if you’ve been spending more time in front of a computer or screen?  Poor posture from shortened muscles can be one of the reasons.  In a previous blog post we… Read More »Neck Pain

Weight Training and Form

Book an Appointment     By Chris Chee, PT There’s more to exercise than repetitions Exercising provides us with numerous benefits; they can make us stronger, make us faster, make us more flexible, give us more energy, and help with pain to name a few. But to get the most out of our exercises they… Read More »Weight Training and Form

Fear of Falling

  Fear of falling: Understand it. Beat it. By Sarah Makary, PT New year. New you. Together, we can put an end to your Fear of Falling   Have you recently cancelled plans because you were worried about falling? Maybe you have already experienced a fall or are consumed by anxious thoughts of possibly falling.… Read More »Fear of Falling

Office Ergonomics

Book an Appointment     Eat, sleep and work.  Unfortunately for most of us that seems to be our daily routine.  While most of us take the time to adjust our car seat or a bicycle to make sure that it fits properly, why do so few people think about properly setting up their work… Read More »Office Ergonomics

Safe return to exercise after pregnancy and during lactation

Book an Appointment     By Tanya Kestenberg, PT   Gentle exercise, such as walking, stretching and pelvic floor exercises can be started as soon as comfortable after uncomplicated delivery If your baby was delivered by C-Section, wait 6-8 weeks to resume exercises, and do so only after your post-partum check-up by a physician Practically… Read More »Safe return to exercise after pregnancy and during lactation