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Sacroiliac Joint Pain

By: Avie Khalili and Dustin Ng PT Students Overview of the SI joint The point at which the iliac and the sacrum meet is known as the sacroiliac (SI) joint. The SI joint is located in the lower back, just below the level of the hip bones on either side of the spine. The main role of the SI joint is to support the weight of the upper body and to help manage forces produced by both the upper and lower body. It is also surrounded by numerous ligaments to help hold it in place along with an ev...
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How to Improve Sleep Quality

Do you have trouble sleeping? You’re not alone. 1/3 of the population experiences insomnia to some degree. Is Poor Sleep Common? Poor sleep quality is characterized by one or more of the following: difficulty falling asleep, difficulty maintaining sleep, waking too early, and non-refreshing sleep. It is considered acute if it occurs one night per week, and chronic if occurring for at least three nights per week for a month or more.   Are There ways of Measuring Sleep Quality? Sle...
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Healthy Eating

I recently had the opportunity to chat with Dr. Adam Amodeo, ND about the recently released Canada’s Food Guide.  Like many of my patients, Dr. Amodeo has helped me to lose weight and feel healthier by making a few subtle changes to daily routine.  Many have already heard that less emphasis is being placed on dairy and more emphasis is being placed on fruits and vegetables.  I was curious to hear what Dr. Amodeo thought as these statements have been in line with what he has been explaining to ...
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Basketball Sports Injury Clinic

In a long season, injuries are sure to add up.  Have you ever wondered what the most common basketball injuries are?  We've compiled the stats.  If one of these injuries has you off of your game, speak with one of our physiotherapists to get your game back!                            
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