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Core Strength

Your Core

If you’ve ever experienced low back pain and looked up any information on how to improve your situation you’ve likely come across the term core.

Core weakness can appear as pain with performing seemingly light tasks, difficulty with repetitive tasks or inability to master the complex patterns in sports.

Core muscles imbalances can leave you susceptible to injuries to the knees, shoulders, hips and back.

But what is the core and how can it be addressed?


The Muscles of your Core

As a starting point, think of your core as the muscles in the region of your trunk. 

This includes superficially your abdominal muscles at the front, your large back extensors

and your lateral quadratus lumborum muscles.

These muscles connect with your latissimus dorsi muscles of your shoulders and your hamstrings gluteals and adductors of your legs.

These muscles tend to work in pairs to assist with controlling movement and improving efficiency. Whether it’s walking, running or throwing a ball, imbalances in these muscles can lead to pain and poor enjoyment of your day to day activities.

Over the course of the next few blog posts, we’ll walk you through these units, which tasks they are involved with and techniques to address them. We’ll link to them below.

The Inner Core