Looking for a Massage Therapist in Markham?

Our registered massage therapists (RMTs) have a wealth of knowledge in anatomy, physiology and the use of massage therapy to treat physical ailments. They are skilled in various massage modalities such as deep tissue, Swedish, sports, neuromuscular, and lymphatic massage, as well as other bodywork therapies.

They take the time to understand their clients’ individual needs, and customize their massage treatments to fit those needs. They strive to provide a comfortable, relaxing, and therapeutic massage experience that helps to reduce pain and tension, promote relaxation, and improve overall health and wellbeing.
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Trained and Experienced Therapists

Our massage therapists are highly trained and experienced professionals who specialize in understanding and treating physical ailments. They use a variety of therapeutic techniques to help reduce pain. Some of these techniques include:


Sports massage is used to help you recover from your injury and to keep you performing at your best. 


Deep tissue massage is used to target and release the deeper layers of muscle and fascia, helping to reduce inflammation and break up knots of tension in the muscles.
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Trigger point therapy is used to target specific areas of tension in the body, and is done by applying pressure to trigger points in the muscle to help release tension and tightness.
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Myofascial release therapy is used to help reduce pain and tension in the body by stretching the fascia, which is the connective tissue that surrounds the muscles and other structures in the body.
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Massage Therapy is more than just spa treatment

A massage therapist can help you reduce physical stress by manipulating your soft tissues and muscles, helping to relax them and reduce tension. This can help improve your posture, allowing you to have better body alignment and reduce the risk of pain and injury.

Massage therapy can also help you recover from injury or surgery by decreasing the swelling and inflammation around the affected area, and increasing the range of motion and flexibility. Additionally, massage therapy can help improve circulation and lymphatic flow, allowing your body to better filter out toxins, reduce muscular tension and fatigue, and promote better sleep patterns.

Finally, massage therapy can even alleviate anxiety by decreasing the levels of cortisol, a stress hormone, in the body.
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Meet our Team of 

Alex and Leylya possess extensive expertise in healthcare and are willing to support you in improving your overall wellbeing. With their profound understanding of health-related topics, they can provide tailored advice to help you manage wellness concerns. They can also assist in forming a personalized program to address physical and mental health difficulties, as well as offering guidance on healthy habits, such as nutrition, exercise, and stress-regulation. Their expertise and experience can be beneficial in creating lasting change in your life.
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Alex Matyashin, RMT

Registered Massage Therapist
Alex is a graduate of the Honours Massage Therapy program at CDI College who believes massage therapy is a combination of art and science that includes both traditional and modern medical practices. With his experience in the health care field, he understands that massage therapy can be used to complement other forms of health care, such as physiotherapy. He has taken post-graduate courses in medical and traditional acupuncture, kinesiotaping, and electrical modalities to help his clients reduce their pain, return to sports, and relax tense muscles, so that their treatment goals are met.
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Leylya Zelikson, RMT

Registered Massage Therapist
Leylya is a graduate from the Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy (CCMH). She enjoys working with a wide variety of clients and is fluent in Russian and English.

Leylya enjoys successfully treating different clients, from athletes to week-end warriors, from trauma patients post car accidents to patients with repetitive strain injuries. She particularly enjoys doing deep tissue massage, but also has been very effective at utilizing light touch techniques.

Professional Massage Therapy

Don't let pain ruin your day.

Our massage therapists are experienced and highly trained to help you find relief from pain and discomfort. Located in Markham, we offer a variety of massage therapy services to meet your needs. Our team of professionals have the knowledge and expertise to customize a treatment plan that works best for you.

We also offer direct billing to most private insurance companies, making it easy to get the coverage you need. Take the first step towards feeling better and book an appointment today.

Don't let pain ruin your day

Located in Markham, we are conveniently located near Thornhill, Richmond Hill and North York.
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