Physical Distancing at Family Physiotherapy

Current provincial guidelines recommend maintaining a distance of 2m between people to reduce the chance of spread of COVID-19. In a community physiotherapy environment this requirement has changed how services are provided.

Before your Treatment Session

Are you new to the clinic? Are you filling out forms to allow us to bill your insurance directly for you? In the past this would mean arriving early for your appointment to fill out forms.

To reduce physical contact between frequently touched objects such as pens and clipboards, when possible we will be using an electronic format for these forms. This will allow you to view, complete and electronically sign documents from your phone or computer without printing them or emailing sensitive information. When possible, these forms will be sent to you prior to your appointment.

When you’ve arrived in the plaza please call us or wave to us from outside (if its a beautiful day) to let us know that you are here. Before entering the clinic, please make sure that you have your mask on. If you don’t have a mask, we can provide you with one.

Prior to your appointment you will need to be actively screened by our team. This can be done over the phone or in person on the day of your appointment.

If you fail screening for symptoms that are common to COVID-19, you will not be allowed to attend in clinic treatment, but ourvideo treatment sessions will always remain as an alternative. For the sake of the patients that come into the clinic and our team we ask that you honestly answer the questions and notify us if you are feeling unwell.

Your physiotherapist will be spending a few extra minutes between patients as our usual disinfection procedures are now increased. These include and any other surfaces the previous patient may have touched as well as doorknobs, light switch and chairs. During this time prior to your appointment we ask that you not enter the clinic early to minimize the number of patients in the clinic.

Patients only will be allowed to enter the clinic. We ask that unless the patient is a child that requires a guardian to be present that only the patient enters the clinic.

You will be required to keep your mask on for the duration of your time in the clinic.

Your Treatment Session

Your therapist will be adhering to health and safety standards as well. This will include COVID-19 screening before that all staff members complete prior to their shift attesting to their health status. Since they won’t be able to maintain a 2m distance from you, they will be wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) as outlined by the ministry of health for community- based treatment of non COVID-19 suspected cases. They will look different in their gear which will include:

Face mask
Additional measures aren’t mandated, however, if you’d like additional measures can be used. These include washable gowns and nitrile gloves. If you’d like your therapist to use these, just let them know.

Your physiotherapist will be working out of one room for the duration of their shift. This will mean that when physical distancing is mandated, all treatment provided will need to occur during your appointment time. For example, if additional treatment such as electrotherapeutic modalaties or acupuncture are utilized, these procedures will need to be completed before your therapist’s next patient arrives with sufficient time for disinfection procedures to occur.

After your Treatment Session

At the end of your treatment session, payment can be made through direct billing if those arrangements were already made. Payment can also be made on our payment terminal, a payable invoice emailed to you or over the phone. Follow up appointments can also be made by phone or email.

Physical Distancing At Family Physiotherapy

We understand that you may have questions. In these unprecedented times, clinic policies and procedures have needed to change to ensure the continued good health of our patients, staff and community. Our team is always here to answer your questions!


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