How to Put On A Sacroiliac Support Belt

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By: Team Family Physio


What is a Sacroiliac Belt?

A sacroiliac (or SI) belt may be prescribed by your physiotherapist to help reduce the pain you're experiencing from sacroiliac joint pain. Our previous post talked about the anatomy of your sacroiliac joint, common pain patterns and management. To read it click here.

How to put on an SI belt

It's important to put the belt on properly so that it'll give yo the support you need. Watch the video below to learn how to put one on

Will a Sacroiliac Belt Help my Back Pain?

If you're experiencing pain from your sacroiliac joint, and external support reduces your pain, then an SI belt should be used. Using it will reduce your pain and improve your function which helps to maintain your strength and flexibility while you're healing.

If you're pain isn't from your SI joint, using a belt may make it worse by stiffening up this region.

If you're not sure of an SI belt is appropriate for you, our team of physiotherapists can help. They have experience in diagnosing your pain, helping you to modify your activity and exercise programs so you don't take as long to return back to what you love to do.

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