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Shefali completed her Master of Science in Physiotherapy from Oakland University, Michigan. She continues to pursue postgraduate studies and has been working towards completing her Advanced designation (level 4) of the Advanced Integrated Musculoskeletal Program from the Orthopedic division of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association.

Shefali believes in individualized active rehabilitation treatment plan supplemented with hands on manual therapy to maximize your recovery and function. Shefali has also completed her Diploma in Contemporary Medical Acupuncture from McMaster University and integrates acupuncture in her treatment plan to treat various musculoskeletal dysfunction. She's also received training in advanced neuromobility assessment and treatment strategies. As an athlete herself, she has played various sports including badminton, tennis and basketball at a competitive level and is able to put herself in your shoes.

Shefali is a certified Functional Range Conditioning Practitioner and uses this comprehensive joint training system to assist her client achieve active joint mobility, and body control by improving function of nervous system, thereby reducing joint pain and injury. Outside of work, Shefali enjoys traveling, hiking, biking and spending time with her family.


The more you know the more you can help yourself! Check out some of the recent posts that Shefali has put together for you.


Have you been experiencing pain on the outer side of your hip? This condition used to be called trochanteric bursitis and can be due to either too much or insufficient tensile loading and/ or excessive compressive loading of gluteal tendons. This can happen due to several factors.

Read What Shefali's Patients Say

Pierre T. Avatar
Pierre T.
Five star scale is too small because I would gladly give 10. Fixing my shoulder was expected. However Peter and Shefali, by taking the time to explain joint mechanics and asking key questions, figured out behaviors that I can easily change to avoid unnecessary strain to the area I know I am susceptible to injure. Moreover, the communication between them was excellent (they covered each other during vacation). It was truly like having the same physiotherapist for the duration of the therapy.
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Brendon Avatar
Shefali has been amazing in treating my long neglected issues. She explains the problems and process very well, and is always able to suggest the best exercise routine to address them. The front desk staffs are a pleasure to work with as well.
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Varsha Avatar
Best 1:1 service for your all your physio/Acupuncture needs. Professional physiotherapist Avi, Shefali, Peter and Chris.
I had my ACL surgery in Aug 2021 and totally regret not coming here then. I started my treatment in March 2022 and by April I was able to go back to my 5K / 10K steps walking with a better speed prior to my surgery.
This place does not place you with 20min on tens machines and where the physiotherapist spends 5-8mins on you. Instead here they spend entire session WITH AND FOR YOU!

The staff are ver friendly & have loads of patience

I would give them 100 Star rating
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Sandy Avatar
Shefali is absolutely amazing! I was super impressed from my initial assessment visit with her for physiotherapy. She was very thorough, highly knowledgeable/experienced, and could pinpoint exactly all the problems I was having after my car accident, right down to the little details. When I began my physiotherapy sessions with her, I *always* felt better after seeing her because she specifically targeted the painful areas without wasting time on other things. She has vastly helped improve the areas I was still experiencing pain in even after months of manual therapy at a different location.

Shefali is also just a great person overall - she is highly professional, precise, and efficient yet very warm and approachable and easy to talk to and build rapport with and really listens to her patients' concerns. I feel incredibly lucky that I found her as my physiotherapist. I cannot highly recommend her enough and, because of her, I have recommended Family Physiotherapy as a great clinic for other people looking for physiotherapists!

I also wanted to point out that the staff at reception are absolutely great, too! They are very nice and professional and helpful. The clinic has a great environment. I feel relaxed and taken care of whenever I come for my sessions.
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