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Sports injuries

Sports injuries are injuries that happen when playing sports or exercising. Not all sports injuries are the result of accidents that occur during the sport. In some cases the injuries can also be due to other factor such as poor training practices, inappropriate gear or not being in the appropriate condition.

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The most common sports injuries

Sports injuries can occur in a variety of different ways to just about any area of the body. 

Some sports injuries occur more commonly than others. The most common sports injuries are:
Sprains and strains
Knee injuries
Swollen muscles
Achilles tendon injuries
Shin splints

Acute vs Chronic

Sports injuries are often classified as either acute or chronic.

Acute Injury

An acute sports injury usually occur suddenly when exercising. Acute injuries usually are associated with a mechanism of injury. There is often a sudden and severe pain that is noticed. Swelling is also often present. The extent of swelling and how quickly it is seen depends on what type of tissue was injured. Tissues with a good blood supply, such as bone, muscle and ligaments, will often swell more quickly than cartilage injuries which has a more limited blood supply. Often the movement of the area is affected as well as a feeling of weakness. In extreme case visual deformities may be noticed in the affected area. Examples of acute injuries include sprained ankles, a dislocated shoulder and a tear of the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL).

Chronic Injury

Chronic injuries happen after you play a sport or exercise for a long time. Chronic injuries often present during the exercise or the activity. An aching symptom is often described and there may be swelling observed or felt. Chronic injuries generally are associated with symptoms that have exceeded expected tissue healing time. Prior to sustaining the injury, there may be indications that a problem is developing which can include an increased recovery time betweenafter the sport or activity.

Managing your Sports Injury

The initial treatment for a sports injury is to stop the activity. Never try to play through the pain of a sports injury. Continuing to exercise with pain can cause further damage resulting in a longer recovery time.
sports injury clinic don mills and steeles

Physiotherapy for your Sports Injury

Appropriate assessment by a physiotherapist with training in assessing and treating sports injuries is important to get you back to the activities that you love to do. Acutely injured areas are assessed using techniques to determine the injury source and to rule out injuries requiring further medical intervention. Treatment may be specific to the injured area but may also involve providing you with exercises that will maintain fitness level and conditioning without aggravating the injury. As your pain symptoms reduce more aggressive exercises will get you back to sport conditioning level and will address the flexibility, strength and control of movement required to reduce the chance of re-injury. Your physiotherapist can help you at all phases of the injury.

Prehab before your injury happens

Lack of flexibility, muscle imbalances and movement restrictions can be reasons why your acute injury happened. They can also contribute to the persistent chronic injuries. Once an injury has occurred, return to play is determined in large part by the ability of the injured tissue to heal and for pain levels to reduce. It’s easier to address underlying factors before starting a new activity or sport. Simple rehabilitative exercises and stretches can often resolve underlying problems before the injury starts so that you don't miss time away from your sport.


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