Standing Desk Ergonomics

Standing at a desk can be great for your overall health and wellness, but how do you set up the workstation to ensure it's comfortable? 

Adjust your keyboard and mouse

It all comes down to finding the perfect height - from monitor level through keyboard and mouse. If using a laptop then an external mouse & keyobard will help too! 

Reduce the chance of foot pain

With working on your feet come other considerations such as shoes that are appropriate for standing in comfortably over extended periods of time.

There isn't a perfect position to be sedentary for long periods of time

We've summarized these points in the image below to help reduce your chance of a repetitive strain injury.
There isn’t one perfect position to be in for long periods of time, but the proper ergonomic set up of your standing desk can reduce the chance of repetitive strain injuries.

The Family Physiotherapy Difference

Our professionals work as part of your team to get you feeling better. Our physiotherapists and massage therapists have the training and experience to get you better and will communicate with your trainers and doctors.

Don't let pain ruin your day

Located in Markham, we are conveniently located near Thornhill, Richmond Hill and North York.
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