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My Back Hurts

My Back Hurts Book an Appointment Do I have a serious back problem? Fortunately, most low back pain episodes fall under the category of non specific low back pain. As our previously blog post discussed there is a very good chance that you’ll experience back pain at some point in your life. Some conditions can… Continue reading »My Back Hurts

Inner unit core

Inner unit core Your Inner Core  Deep to our superficial muscles are a group of muscles that are frequently referred to as the deep core or “inner unit”. This unit can be thought of as a can deep within us. It is made of the diaphragm at the top, the pelvic floor at the bottom,… Continue reading »Inner unit core

Core Strength

Core Strength Book an Appointment   Your Core If you’ve ever experienced low back pain and looked up any information on how to improve your situation you’ve likely come across the term core. Core weakness can appear as pain with performing seemingly light tasks, difficulty with repetitive tasks or inability to master the complex patterns… Continue reading »Core Strength