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Frozen Shoulder

Anatomy of the Shoulder Your shoulder joint is where the upper arm (humerus) and the shoulder blade (scapula) connect.  It is a mobile joint covered in an loose tissue known as capsule.  Capsule is a common feature in most of our joints.  The capsule of the shoulder is a dense, fibrous connective tissue that attaches to the bones close to the joint surface.  The capsule seals the joint space and helps in stabilizing the joint from excessive amounts of movement.  The laxity in the capsule also a...
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Sports Injury – Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain By Peter Poon, PT Have you ever experienced jabbing pain in the front of shoulder when reaching up, out or across your body?  Interestingly, between 7%-34% of adults have shoulder pain at some point in their lives and the level of discomfort can range from annoying to debilitating (Diercks et al., 2014). Shoulder impingement and pain syndromes The above pain pattern can be a symptom of SAPS or Subacromial Pain Syndrome. SAPS is defined as all non traumatic, usually unilateral...
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Sports Injuries and pitching pain

Sports injuries series: pitching and arm pain By Darryl Viegas, PT Injury and Sports Physiotherapy Sports injuries vary in severity as well as their underlying causes. One of the most common non traumatic sports injuries that we see in the clinic is shoulder and elbow pain in baseball players, especially pitchers. In major league baseball there have been a few notable names of the home team over the past few years with missed starts due to shoulder fatigue, elbow pain, low back pain, latissim...
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