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Tennis Injuries

Tennis Injuries When tennis injuries are discussed, the term tennis elbow usually comes up.  However, at higher levels of the sport, elbow injuries aren't the most common.  A study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine reviewed the incidences of injuries and their locations in professional tennis players.  The injury incidence rate is summarized in the graphic below.   Looking for More? Knowledge is power! So our team spends their down time putting together posts ran...
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Sports Injury Series: meniscal tears

Did I Tear my Meniscus?  By: Darryl Viegas, PT Knee pain is a common presentation to physiotherapy clinics.  A common source of knee pathology presenting to physiotherapy clinics is a meniscal injury of the knee.  Injuries can result from sporting events, daily event or can even result from an unknown origin.  While surgery can be indicated for non healing and functionally limiting meniscal tears conservative management including physiotherapy to improve strength and proprioception can ensur...
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Should I Ice an Injury?

Acute Injury An acute sports injury usually occurs suddenly when exercising.  Acute injuries usually are associated with a mechanism of injury.  There is often a sudden and severe pain that is noticed.  Swelling is also often present.  The extent of swelling and how quickly it is seen depends on what type of tissue was injured.  Tissues with a good blood supply, such as bone, muscle and ligaments, will often swell more quickly than cartilage injuries which has a more limited blood supply.  Ofte...
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sports injury – hamstring strains

Getting you back into the game after a Hamstring Strain By Sarah Makary, PT The seasons of Hockey and Football are upon us. But whether your sport is hockey, football, basketball, soccer or rugby, you are more susceptible to getting a hamstring strain from these sports. Hamstring strains are the most common type of sport injury and can keep you out of your sport for a long time if not treated appropriately.  Let’s break it down a little further: What are the Hamstrings? The hamstring muscle ...
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How To Run Injury Free

How to Run Injury-Free By Peter Poon, PT Running injuries Now that summer is in full swing, many of us will want to enjoy the sunshine by going for a casual jog or more vigorous run around the neighbourhood. Some may think running is not an exact science: just pick up a pair of (brightly-coloured) running shoes and...go. However, poor running form can lead to injuries down the road, much like how riding a bike with misaligned wheels will eventually wear down the bike and the rider. It has bee...
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