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Tanya is a McMaster University Honours Kinesiology graduate. She completed her Master’s degree in physiotherapy at the University of Toronto. Tanya’s assessment and treatment approach is rooted deeply in the field on manual therapy. She believes in the value of a thorough biomechanical assessment to identify the cause behind the symptoms. 

As a part of her post-graduate studies, Tanya completed her Intermediate level training in Manual and Manipulative Physiotherapy as well as post graduate courses in vestibular rehabilitation. She has great success treating various orthopedic conditions of both traumatic and overuse nature employing techniques such as joint, muscle, fascia, nerve, visceral mobilizations as well as providing tailored exercise prescriptions to correct the cause behind the injury. 

Her special interest lies in dance rehabilitation. After dancing for 24 years and still continuing, Tanya has an insider’s perspective to dancers’ needs. Combining that insight with her knowledge of biomechanics and rehabilitation techniques is a powerful tool to use to help dancers on their way to a pain-free future.

Tanya completed additional training in order to treat female and male pelvic floor problems. This is another area of Tanya’s interest and she is excited to treat potential patients that are suffering from a variety of pelvic floor and incontinence/bladder issues and patients with chronic low back, pelvic or hip pain. Tanya is also interested in educating and treating women during pregnancy and post-partum to help with diastasis rectus, weak core and pregnancy/birth associated discomfort and pain. In her free time Tanya likes to take ballet classes, spend time with her family, travel and enjoy outdoor activities.


The more you know the more you can help yourself! Check out some of the recent posts that Tanya has put together for you.

Dance Injuries Prevention and treatment

Many dancers, whether professional or recreational, are familiar with physiotherapy treatment because of an injury they had to overcome. Low back pain, hip, knee, ankle and foot problems are amongst the most common ones.
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Safe return to exercise after pregnancy

How do you know when you’re ready for safe exercise after having a baby?
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Common causes of neck pain

Neck pain and injury can be very scary, as there a lot of vital structures that run through the neck.

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vertigo from bppv

Have you ever experienced the sensation of feeling like your world is spinning—or worse, that you are falling through space? If so, then you’re familiar with one possible symptom of vertigo.


Read What Tanya's Patients Say

Shari Avatar
Tanya and the team at Family Physiotherapy are professional and very helpful. Tanya has treated me for a few injuries over the years. Whether it’s a virtual or in-person appointment, she strives to do her best and always successfully resolves my issue. I would give Family Physiotherapy 10 stars if I could!
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katy Avatar
Tanya is the best physiotherapist that I have ever met. She has gold hands, when she touches my painful muscle, the pain eases in few hours.
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Raman T. Avatar
Raman T.
I had a great experience rehabbing my shoulder with Tanya. All of our sessions were done virtually and I am now pain free.
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Norm R. Avatar
Norm R.
Tanya has consistently and expertly treated whatever injury I had for many years now. No matter what the issue was, Tanya was able to treat it effectively and creatively. She uses different techniques like manipulation, acupuncture, etc, based on her assessment of the injury. She is compassionate and excited about what she does. My wellbeing is always the most important aspect to her. A few weeks ago I had a virtual appointment with her and in one appointment she was able to assess and treat my sore wrist.Tanya and the team at Family Physio are professional, courteous and so helpful. I feel very lucky to have found them so many years ago. Everyone should have a physiotherapist like Tanya!
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Giovanna M. Avatar
Giovanna M.
The staff is great! Very helpful and friendly. Tanya was very patient and provided a variety of exercises to help treat my injury. Thank you!
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zahir mohamed Avatar
zahir m.
Tanya has fixed me in the past and continues to help me get better. Tina and all the test who receive us at the entrance you guys are all phenomenal
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