Trigger Point Therapy in Markham

Trigger point therapy is a targeted deep tissue technique used by massage therapists to help improve stiffness, pain and relax tense muscles

An Effective Technique for Tense Muscles

Trigger point therapy is a massage technique used to relieve pain and tightness in muscle groups. It targets trigger points, which are areas of soft tissue that can become irritated due to stress, overuse, or injury. When these trigger points are stimulated, they create a specific reaction that can improve circulation, increase flexibility, decrease pain and tension.
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Deep Pressure Treatment for Sore Muscles

When massage therapists use trigger point therapy, they apply a gentle yet firm pressure to the affected area. As the massage therapist works on the trigger points, they’ll feel a burning or aching sensation that indicates that their massage is working. This type of massage can be quite painful at times, but it should be manageable once the massage therapist has determined the right amount of pressure to apply.

It’s important to note that massage therapists may adjust their massage techniques depending on the individual. This is why it’s important to find a massage therapist who has experience with trigger point massage therapy and can make adjustments as needed in order to best meet your needs. It’s also important to speak with your massage therapist before the massage to discuss any concerns you may have.

In some cases, massage therapists may use trigger point therapy in combination with other massage techniques such as cross-fiber massage and stretching. Together, these massage techniques can help to reduce pain and improve flexibility.

An Effective Therapeutic Massage Technique

Trigger point therapy not only helps with physical issues, but it can also help with mental and emotional issues. By releasing tension in the body, massage therapists can help their clients to relax and let go of negative emotions that may have been stored in the body.

Trigger point therapy can also be used to improve range of motion and reduce swelling or inflammation. Trigger point therapy can help to improve posture and general health.
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Relief for Back Pain, Neck Pain and More

Trigger point therapy can be beneficial for a variety of conditions, including muscle pain, headaches, neck and back pain, sciatica, fibromyalgia, sports injuries, and more. Many massage therapists recommend this massage technique as part of an overall massage treatment plan in order to gain the most benefit.


Trigger point massage therapy can offer a variety of benefits, from decreasing stress and improving flexibility to helping manage pain. When done correctly by an experienced massage therapist, trigger point massage therapy can be extremely effective for many individuals. If you’re looking for an alternative way to manage pain or reduce stress, trigger point massage therapy may be just what you need.
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